Hustle and Grow. It’s a thing.

I never knew what I wanted to grow up and become as a kid. I remember the joy I got from organizing things and helping people. I didn’t come from money and my childhood wasn’t easy. You know, that same story for millions in the world. I used to feel sorry for it. Then I grew up and realized how my background molded me and that struggle is part of life. Choosing to view the story differently, my background became empowering, I grew, I hustled and it all made sense when I found my nirvana. My nirvana you ask? Well, I’m an entrepreneur.

My first entrepreneurial experience was at the age of four when I created dog treats for neighbors made from bulk dog food mixed with water. The dog food belonged to my dad and his brittany spaniel hunting dog. Creating the sloppy mush that I then molded into hamburger style patties to let dry in the sun, must have provided the sensory engagement needed to recall such a dated memory.

I remember the neighbor kids, most older than me, wondering why I was recruiting them to create these stinky and mushy patties. I found we dry more with leaves in-between patties since drying space was a challenge. The coolest part, we did it. I remember the neighbor across the street having the best yard, complete with a fabulous club house. This club house would become our production facility.

We worked together to create the patties, let them dry and then deliver them to the customer. We didn’t have paying customers but if you asked us, we were making so many dogs happy. Thirty years later, I still wonder what the owners of the random dog treats thought of the burger looking pile of pet food on their porch. Strange kid, sure. Strange adult, well, kinda. I choose to call it unique.

So, here’s the gist. I’m entering a huge stage of growth with lots of firsts and I have a desire to write about them. Hence the reason for this content. As I look back and think of what the common theme is with all of the changes in my life there’s a few common pieces I have noticed. Here they are in no specific order:

  • Be kind but take no shit. Yes, this content will likely have profanity along the way. If you don’t like it, this isn’t the content for you, and that’s cool.
  • I love to help people.
  • When in doubt, just keep going.
  • I like change.
  • It is impossible to make everyone happy. Don’t worry about it.
  • Life is short, do what energizes you.
  • Just be a good human.

Okay, that’s a good start. I’m sure we’ll add to it along the way. So, for this blog, what do I hope to accomplish? Mostly, I’d like to capture the changes I’m experiencing and help share them along the way with others feeling like they’re out on an island. As a female entrepreneur in a new kind of leadership role, I’ll have challenges. IT’S NORMAL. Growth comes from challenges. This content is me embracing it so we can all hustle and grow together. You’re not alone and to grow, just remove ego and go!

What fuels you?

What are the common themes among the things you’ve done in life?

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